An amazing walk and visit to the bizarre rock formations on Kinder Scout provided the inspiration for one of my Peak District images. While sketching my pencil found its own characters among the stones; a pig’s nose, a Buddha, a thinking head and an inclining mother with her baby.

Kinder Scout stones Peak District


The Wool Packs have a lovely natural grouping like a giant huddle of sheep on top of the moor.

Wool Packs with dogs

Peveril Castle in Castleton sited on the edge of a limestone ridge gave me a dramatic subject to work onto the opposite of the mug. Undermined by caves and steams, the castle might be built on top of a hollow drum. Drawing off the first print…..

Peveril castle 19-9-14peak district 19-9-14

Time for a little reward!  Mugs available at

Peak District mug 19-9-14